Paper Bags

Paper Bag Packaging 

What can paper bag packaging do for your brand? 

At Mid-Atlantic Packaging, we believe that there's no end to the versatility of the simple paper bag. Whether you choose brown kraft paper bag packaging or something with bolder colors and graphic designs, Mid-Atlantic Packaging is prepared to provide you with the bags that you need to make your products stand out from the crowd.  

We believe in providing our customers with the broadest selection of wholesale paper bag packaging sizes, styles, and customizations. This gives you the freedom to design custom paper bags that are a direct reflection of your company's personality.  

You can trust Mid-Atlantic Packaging to offer you a choice among paper shopping bags, gourmet & SOS paper bags, Euro tote bags, and paper merchandise bags.

Paper Shopping Bags

Mid-Atlantic Packaging's selection of paper shopping bags is perfect whether you need bags for customers who are shopping at your brick-and-mortar location or a booth at an industry convention. Go with a simple, single-color design or choose something that is bolder, darker or brighter. Add custom touches like your brand's name and logo as well as unique graphic designs and patterns.

At Mid-Atlantic Packaging, we have paper shopping bags with material options such as:

We can customize any of these to suit your brand. We can even use your company's proprietary colors and help you finish off the presentation with filler, shred or tissue paper.

Gourmet & SOS Paper Bags

Does your food-centric business need a reliable and economical packaging solution? Gourmet and SOS paper bags from Mid-Atlantic Packaging have flat bottoms that cause them to automatically open. This makes them easy to fill with delightful treats. With many sizes and configurations available, our Gourmet and SOS paper bags can meet your brand's needs with ease.

Choose from options like:

Euro Tote Bags

Stylish, durable and attractive, Euro Tote Bags are available in an array of finishes and distinctive papers. These bags lend themselves well to customization, so let your imagination run wild in terms of color, graphics, textures and special touches. We offer a mix of eco-friendly Euro Tote Bags as well as laminated gloss varieties and more.

Get in touch with Mid-Atlantic Packaging's design department today to learn more about how Euro tote bags can be personalized for your brand. These are a customer favorite that is certain to elevate your brand.

Paper Merchandise Bags

Mid-Atlantic Packaging brings you paper merchandise bags in a range of sizes, each of which is highly customizable to communicate your brand's values. Add any printing you desire to these versatile paper bags. 

Select paper merchandise bags in:

Work with Mid-Atlantic Packaging to customize paper merchandise bags for your brand.

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