Cello Bags

One of the most versatile packaging options, cello bags are a great choice for packaging.

Most cello bags are designed with a gusset feature, which is particularly attractive when you are packaging items that are small and loose. The gusset bottom expands so that your bags can stand on their own without any support. Cello bags are customizable. Choose from one of the many of fun prints that are offered by Mid-Atlantic Packaging, or bring us a custom print that you designed. We'll work with you to create a unique custom print.

Clear Cello Bags

Mid-Atlantic Packaging believes in providing its customers with the widest available selection of packaging. Accordingly, we offer a numerous options with our clear cello bags. Choose from sizes that are as small as seven inches by four inches by 18 inches for daintier items and up to 18 inches by 18 inches for wrapping up gift baskets.

You can order in quantities that make sense for your brand or event. An order of 100 cello bags is standard.

Printed Cello Bags

Adding a printed design to your cello bags is a wonderful way to get noticed. Browse the options that are ready to go on the Mid-Atlantic Packaging website. Our Everyday Cello Bags come in colorful and attractive prints such as:

You get to choose the dimensions for your everyday cello bags. The options include a smaller bag that measures 3.5 inches by two inches by 7.5 inches. A slightly larger bag measures four inches by 2.5 inches by 9.5 inches. The largest is five inches by three inches by 11.5 inches.

If you are looking for cello bags with a seasonal flair, then Mid-Atlantic Packaging is the destination for you. Choose from special holiday prints such as:

The seasonal printed cello bags that are available from Mid-Atlantic Packaging come in dimensions of 3.5 inches by two inches by 7.5 inches. You are free to choose a custom number of bags to fulfill your brand's needs.

Accentuate Your Products with Cello Bags

Mid-Atlantic Packaging features an impressive selection of cello bags. Start an order of custom cello bags today by requesting a custom packaging quote.