Custom Paper Bags

Ink, Hot Stamp or Full Custom Options


Post-Printed Ink Shoppers



Looking for the fastest turnaround on wholesale custom paper bags for your business? Check out our post printed ink shoppers at Mid-Atlantic Packaging for a fast and economical solution to your packaging needs. The ink printing process is speedy and simple, allowing you to get the bags you need sooner. Add your logo, business name and contact details to a wide variety of personalized paper bag styles to leave a lasting impression on your customers. Learn more about custom ink printing from Mid-Atlantic Packaging to find out how it can benefit your business. 

Ink Post Printing Process

When you choose post printed ink shoppers, you have lots of options with only a few restrictions. Your design can be printed on several types of bags, allowing you to offer a variety of packaging options for customers. Designs can also be customized according to specific Pantone colors to match your branding perfectly; this custom bag printing process works best with designs featuring only one or two colors. Our Design Team at Mid-Atlantic Packaging will help you create the best layout using your bag selection and your design colors. You can print as few as 500 pieces and utilize up to two sides of each bag.

Hot Stamped Paper Bags

Hot Stamped Custom Paper Shopping Bags add personality plus sophistication to your packaging. Your store will look more professional and more inviting when it uses hot stamped custom paper shopping bags at check-out. Hot stamping adds a matte or metallic foil to your bags using a pre-drilled plate and heat-sealing. This allows us to add your business name, logo, tagline and more to your packaging in bright colors and shine. Not only do custom hot stamped bags offer a more personalized look, they are also excellent advertising for your business. Customers become a walking billboard the moment they leave your store!


Hot Stamping Benefits & Limitations


  • The foil color you select will stay true no matter what color bag it is applied to
  • Matte or Metallic Foil creates a unique, luxurious look and embossed feel


  • Colors within the design cannot be overlapping, tinted or color matched
  • Hot Stamping is not ideal for logos that have small details and close lines


Mid-Atlantic Packaging offers all sorts of hot stamped shopping bags, from simple custom brown paper bags for local bookstores to sophisticated colorful bags for boutiques. Whatever your retail operation specializes in, we have the right bag for you and your customers. The stamping process works on bags of all sizes and can be done single-sided or double-sided. This means you can order multiple sizes of custom bags, so you always have something that fits a customers purchase and shows off your company info without wasted space.

Full Made to Order Ink Printed Shoppers: 2,000 Bag Minimum

Fully customize every detail of your wholesale shopping bags with our Full Made-to-Order Ink Printing service from Mid-Atlantic Packaging. This is the ideal option for business owners who want a signature look for their shopping bags. You can personalize nearly every aspect of the bag to suit your design preferences and create completely unique packaging for your customers. These high-quality bags will create an upscale look and feel with every purchase at your store. Learn more about how our custom ink printing process works at Mid-Atlantic Packaging.

custom-made-to-order.jpgGet Full Control

With our Full Made-to-Order Custom Shoppers, it's easy to customize every detail to suit your business. We print each bag before it's actually constructed into a full shopping bag with handles, so you get more options for personalization. These "long run" bags can feature printing on both front and back, plus on the side gussets, unique handle colors and styles, and other stand-out features that you personally choose. It's a great way to promote your business by creating a look that's matches your branding exactly. Our custom ink color options make it easy to achieve exact Pantone color matching for your logos and text. This is the best way to bring your custom packaging ideas to life!

Made to Your Specifications

Our custom printed plastic and paper bags have lead times that vary depending on which bags you choose for your designs. Domestic orders have a lead time of six to eight weeks while imported bags take 12 to 14 weeks to produce. Our Custom Printing expert team is ready to assist you in every aspect of the planning and purchasing process to ensure that you get the exact look you want for your shopping bags. Order from Mid-Atlantic Packaging to get the best deal and the best service for high-quality custom print bags!

Get a Quote & Start Designing Today!

Contact our Custom Printing Team today to get started on your new custom printed bags. Fill out the form to the right to get a Custom Quote for your project. If you send us your logo and design ideas, our Custom Printing Specialists can advise you which printing process - ink printing, hot stamping or full custom printing - is the best choice for your needs. Whether youre a new customer or a longtime partner of Mid-Atlantic Packaging, were happy to be your choice for custom paper bags at wholesale prices. Upload your logo or art file for our Design Team to review.

Our on-staff experts want to help you find the best bags to suit your needs. To get top-quality designs, affordable prices and superior customer service, always order your packaging from Mid-Atlantic Packaging.