Custom Paper Bags

Hot Stamped Paper Bags


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Your store will look more professional and more inviting when it uses hot stamped custom paper shopping bags at check-out. Hot stamping is a method where a matte or metallic foil is heat-sealed to a bag using a pre-drilled plate. This allows us to add your business name, logo, tagline and more to your packaging. Not only do custom hot stamped bags offer a more personalized look, they are also excellent advertising for your business. Customers become a walking billboard the moment they leave your store!


  • The color you select will stay true no matter what color bag it is applied to.
  • Creates a more unique and luxurious look and feel.
  • Colors cannot be overlapping, tinted or color matched.
  • Not ideal for logos that have a lot of detail and close lines.

Mid-Atlantic Packaging offers all sorts of hot stamped wholesale bags, from simple custom brown paper bags for local bookstores to sophisticated colorful bags for boutiques. Whatever your retail operation specializes in, we have the right bag for you and your customers. The stamping process works on bags of all sizes and can be done single-sided or double-sided. This means you can order multiple sizes of custom bags so you always have something that fits a customer’s purchase and shows off your company info without wasted space.

Contact our Custom Printing Team today to get started on your new custom printed bags. Fill out the form to the right to get a Custom Quote for your project. If you send us your logo and design ideas, we can tell you whether hot stamping is the right choice. Whether you’re a new customer or a longtime partner of Mid-Atlantic Packaging, we’re happy to be your choice for custom paper bags at wholesale prices.

*Our lead time on hot stamped packaging is three weeks from artwork approval, plus shipping time.*