Tach-It Guns, Labels & Barbs

Tach-It Guns, Labels, & Barbs for Merchandise

In many retail businesses, displaying prices on products is essential for making shopping easy for customers and keeping track of inventory. Therefore, many businesses rely on sturdy, secure pricing that reduces the chance of theft. Tach-It Guns are simple, easy-to-use tagging gun tools that can easily attach prices, inventory control, and other tags to all types of fabric. Our Tach-It guns also have a dependable and durable grip handle to prevent slipping and cramping. You'll be able to get the job done in no time. Our Tach-It barbs come in various sizes, including our No. 35, No. 22, No. 3, No.2, No.1, and more, for all types of materials for a secure hold. Mid-Atlantic Packaging also carries Tach-It gun replacement needles in standard and fine needle sizes. It’s the perfect solution for every business’ needs! Contact us today if you have any questions about our Tach-It gun products and supplies.