Cello Rolls

Cello Wrap Rolls 

Gift basket cellophane wrap rolls are a business necessity for many types of products and packaging needs. One of the most popular ways to use them is for items that are tall or oddly shaped. Cello wrap allows you to see what is inside, and you can choose them with printed decorations. These make an excellent way to present gift baskets or boxes for birthdays, holidays, or corporate giveaways. 

Ways to Use Cellophane Rolls

Cellophane rolls have many uses, and one of the most popular is gift baskets, but there are others. They are budget-friendly and versatile. Another idea for Cellophane is to use it as a removable window decoration because it readily sticks to glass when wet. It is an easy gift-wrapping idea for holiday cookies, bread, or popcorn. All you do is add a pretty closure or bow at the top, and it is ready. Here are some ideas of what you can package in cellophane wrap.

Cello wrap for gift baskets is an excellent way to present homemade baked goods and crafts at craft shows and farmer’s markets. It shows off the product and makes an attractive display. Cello rolls can give any product a professional and artistic touch. It also protects your items from weather and dust. 

Choosing Cello Rolls

Mid-Atlantic Packaging offers several options for cello wrap. You can choose clear, printed, or seasonal printed rolls. Our clear cello rolls come in a 1 mil thickness, which is perfect for most uses. You have a wide range of roll lengths and widths from which to choose, making it easy to find an exact fit for your product or gift idea.

We have a variety of cello wrap roll prints to choose from that include seasonal themes, elegant prints, whimsical prints, and children’s themes. You can find one that suits your branding or the theme of the gift. We have sizes that are suitable for a range of gift sizes.

We also carry accessories, such as gift basket fillers, shrink guns, and sealers. Shrink guns can help make the cello wrap tight for a professional look. We offer tapes and stickers to make seams look finished. We have everything to make your gift basket packaging easy.

Order Gift Basket Supplies

Mid-Atlantic packaging offers a wide range of gift basket supplies, including several options for cello wrap for gift baskets. They are an excellent solution for products that are difficult to wrap or when you want a clear view of what is inside. If you need help finding the right size or solution for your products or gifts, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help you make your selection and place an order. We offer fast shipping, and we stand behind our products and service.