Apparel Boxes

Whether you're a fashion designer or a business looking for the perfect way to package your wholesale orders, we have the box for you. We offer a variety of apparel boxes, from the  unique kraft and white boxes to our kraft pinstripe apparel boxes, to our matte colored apparel boxes. Design your brand with the colors that best represent your company.

  • These gloss white apparel boxes are a cost-effective retailer option that provides a high-end feel at an affordable price. Our white gloss boxes are available in a multitude of sizes and multiple quantities so you can order the number that most meets your needs. They can be stored flat until they're used. These boxes are versatile for many applications, but are most popular with clothing retailers.

  • Kraft pinstripe apparel boxes are a great way to sell your new and used clothing in an attractive, eco-friendly and reusable package. These two-piece boxes are made with natural kraft board with embossed pinstripe grooves that add texture and style. These boxes are a retailer favorite!

Our apparel boxes are super simple to assemble! There's a 2-piece pop up design that helps you fit the pieces together with no hassle. You can get small gift boxes for children's clothing, lingerie or scarfs. Medium sizes are perfect for holding shirts, and large sizes are for robes, coats, blankets & linens. 

Custom Apparel Boxes

Are you ready to take your apparel boxes to the next level? Customize them with your company name and/or logo to advertise your brand. Contact us at 1-800-284-1332 or fill out this form to request a free quote.