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If your brand is looking for a unique, memorable, and eye-catching way to present your food and gift items, then our gable boxes may be precisely what you are looking for. This packaging option is the go-to choice for many brands such as caterers, bakeries, jewelry and craft supply stores. At Mid-Atlantic Packaging, you will find an amazing selection of plain and colored gable boxes from which to choose. 

Gable boxes with windows can showcase your products. In fact, this is an incredibly versatile packaging choice that could work for a variety of consumer goods. Gable boxes look great because of their unique and interesting shape. Plus, they have a convenient handle them makes them a snap to carry. 

Wholesale gable boxes are shipped and stored flat, which saves money on shipping as well as warehousing. Although they are folded flat for storage, gable boxes pop up quickly and easily. They are even an environmentally friendly choice with many varieties being made of recycled materials.

Choosing Wholesale Gable Boxes for Your Brand 

Why opt for gable boxes as one of your packaging choices? Aside from being versatile, they are also:

Gable Box Choices

At Mid-Atlantic Packaging, we don't just provide you with one or two choices when it comes to gable boxes. We like to enable our customers to design the perfect packaging for their unique products.

That's why we provide wholesale gable boxes in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Regardless of the options you choose, rest assured that gable boxes are always sturdy and built to last. Moreover, they can be beautifully customized. Customize them with your company's unique colors and logo. Mid-Atlantic can print anything you'd like on the box. This includes images, graphic designs, text and more. 

What about adding some special touches to your colored gable boxes? Consider embossing, foil lettering and other details that could really make your gable boxes stand out from the crowd.

Mid-Atlantic Packaging can even help you fill your gable boxes with shredded and filler, tissue paper or another filler that not only protects your products but also enhances their presentation.

Here are a few customizations for wholesale gable boxes offered by Mid-Atlantic Packaging:

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