Paper Cutters

Table Top Gift Wrap Paper-Cutter Equipment 

In some cases, scissors don’t do the job when it comes to cutting perfectly straight, no-tear gift wrap. A paper cutter is the most elegant way of accessing your paper without a paper holder. Created for those with limited desk space, it dispenses paper without holding onto the roll. At Mid-Atlantic Packaging, we carry high-quality, durable gift wrap paper-cutter equipment to perfectly cut wrapping paper every single time. With its sleek design, this dispenser keeps your product in one place and allows you to dispense paper effortlessly. Our 5-roll table top paper cutter provides mobility storage for large wrapping paper rolls for easy organization, allowing you to unroll and tear sheets of paper at any size. We carry two types of roll paper cutters: a standard paper cutter for smooth, clean lines, and a serrated paper cutter for your preferred cutting type. Check out our gift wrapping paper-cutter tools today.