Lock-Corner Boxes

Lock-corner boxes are an excellent solution for many types of products. They are durable and suitable for items from baked goods to apparel and specialty items. These boxes come in one or two-piece forms and are a perfect solution for many packaging needs.

What Are Lock-Corner Boxes?

Lock-corner boxes have two pieces that lock at the corners to hold items that might be heavy or fragile. They are the right choice when you need to make sure the box is sturdy. These kraft gift boxes with lids are also easy to store because they come flat and are ready to fold. Here are a few of the reasons why many businesses use lock-corner boxes for their packaging needs.

One of the advantages of a two-piece kraft box is that when your customer receives the package, the box is easy to open and less likely to damage the product or cause a spill. They are excellent as mailers because they are sturdy and do not crush easily. They make a nice presentation when used as a mailer and for gifts. We have options that are suitable for use as gift-wrapping boxes for birthdays, graduations, or holidays. 

Lock-corner boxes are easy to assemble, and they provide extra support and security when you need it. They come in a range of sizes from four to 25 inches on any side. You can easily find a shape and size to suit your needs. They come flat, which makes them easy to store. You can store them and only assemble as many as you need at one time. Our lock-corner boxes come in quantities from 25 to 125 boxes per pack.

How to Use Lock-Corner Boxes

Lock-corner boxes are used in a variety of industries to hold a range of products. They are used by bakeries, clothiers, accessory stores, apparel stores, and many others. For example, they can be used for:

Lock-corner boxes are strong, and you can use them for many types of items. They can be used to ship small automotive parts, electronics, or craft items. You can use them to ship your mugs, handmade toys, or anything else you make and ship to your customers.

One tip when measuring the size box you need for your item is to make sure to include extra room for the packing material and padding on the inside. These boxes are easy to customize with your own branding, logo, and message. They make a beautiful and convenient presentation.

Placing an Order

Mid-Atlantic Packaging has been providing packaging solutions for customers for over 40 years. We offer a wide selection of lock-corner boxes, including gloss white, Kraft, and Kraft on white box types. If you need help deciding which size and type is right for you, you can contact our team, and we will be happy to help you find the perfect solution. You can contact Mid-Atlantic Packaging to get a custom quote or place an order.