Clear Cello Bags

Clear cello bags are an excellent way to make gift wrapping and gift baskets easy. They make a beautiful presentation, and all you need to do is add a bow or ribbon at the top. You can also use them for many other packaging needs. Mid-Atlantic Packaging offers cello bags in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Ideas for Cello Bags

One of the most popular ways to use clear cello bags is for gift basket packaging. All you have to do is fill your basket and place it inside the cello bag. You can tie it with a ribbon or closure of your choice for a beautiful presentation. You can add your own special branding through the attachment of a card or tag.

Another idea is to use cello bags to package loose items, such as Halloween treats, gift bags with small items, candies, or cookies. They are an excellent choice for creating party favors or favors for weddings and other special occasions. Cellophane bags are also an excellent way to protect special items, such as stuffed bears or other handmade items. They can also be used as packaging for a range of items that includes:

You can use clear cello bags to package items for farmers markets, craft fairs, or to sell in your gift shop. You can create special gift baskets or boxes for the holidays for your specialty or retail store, and you can also use them as gifts. Clear cello bags are also an excellent way to protect items, such as artwork or cards from the elements when shipping them. As you can see, clear cello bags have many uses that go beyond gift baskets.

Using Clear Cello Bags

Using clear cello bags is easy. You simply place the item inside, gather the extra material at the top, and tie it with a twist tie, ribbon, or other closure of their choice. You can use a choice of ribbon and gift cards to highlight your branding or send a special message.

Here are some of the advantages of using clear cello bags for your packaging needs.

One of the things many people do not realize is that cello bags are made from plant materials. Cellophane is biodegradable and deteriorates in about 2-3 months in the compost pile. This makes it an eco-friendly option for your packaging needs.

Order Clear Cello Bags

Mid-Atlantic Packaging offers cello bags in five different sizes. They come in packs of 100, and we have all the accessories that you need to complete your packaging needs. We offer shred, filler, heat guns, and tape. We also offer a range of sealers, which expands the possibilities for using cello bags even further. We also have a range of gift cards and twist ties.

When you are ready, you can order online or contact us for more information. If you're interested in our custom packaging, you request a custom packaging quote.