Jewelry Boxes

Wholesale Jewelry Boxes 

Wholesale custom jewelry boxes are a beautiful way to store, display, and protect your favorite pieces. Mid-Atlantic Packaging has a range of styles, sizes, and interior finishes. These boxes are perfect for your favorite heirloom jewelry, fine jewelry, and costume jewelry. You can also use them for other small items. 

Why Custom Jewelry Boxes?

Mid-Atlantic Packaging offers a wide selection of bulk jewelry boxes that are perfect for displaying your items in your storefront, at art shows, and in your online store. They also protect valuable pieces and for shipping your items. Jewelry boxes keep your necklaces from becoming tangled and your earrings from getting lost. We have sizes that are appropriate for many types of jewelry. Here are a few ideas of what you might place into a jewelry box.

You can probably find many more uses for jewelry boxes, and they are an excellent solution for presenting your gifts to make the recipient feel special.

Selecting the Right Custom Jewelry Box

We offer a large selection of jewelry box styles. You can choose Kraft jewelry boxes with a soft, cotton lining for a more casual feel. If you have high-end items to display, our long Luxe Jewelry Box with Bead Barbs will add the right touch. You can also choose gloss white or gloss-colored boxes. Our Berkeley boxes offer a sheen that stands out in displays. Here are a few more examples of what we have to offer.

These are only a few of the boxes that you might find in our selection. We also have additional white cotton inserts without the box. Our boxes with peachboard inserts let you give dimension to your display. The boxes have a professional finish on the inside that lets you highlight your items and make them stand out.

We offer a wide range of colors that include classic black and white, Kraft brown, metallic, turquoise, red, and beige. You can choose one that matches your gemstones or metal. They are affordably priced, and they are a beautiful way to show off your pieces.

Our custom jewelry boxes are durable and designed to protect your fine jewelry. The finishes are made to resist stains and remain free from scratches under normal circumstances. You can also customize your boxes with your logo, branding, or a special message.

Place an Order

Our jewelry boxes will make your items stand out. Jewelry boxes are an excellent way to keep your jewelry organized and your storage space or drawers free from clutter. You have many options available, and our team at Mid-Atlantic Packaging will be happy to help you select the type that is right for your needs. If you are ready to order wholesale jewelry boxes, you can contact us for a custom packaging quote that suits your needs.