Paper Shopping Bags

Custom Paper Shopping Bags  

Wholesale custom paper shopping bags are an important element of the overall customer experience at your store or booth. They make it easy to carry purchases, and it is an excellent way to advertise your brand. Mid-Atlantic packaging offers a wide selection of paper shopping bags from Kraft paper to prints with personality. These bags are versatile, and you can find many uses for them.

Why Use Wholesale Paper Packaging Bags 

Shopping bags are essential for retail stores, trade shows, farmer’s markets, craft booths, and anywhere else you sell directly to the customer. The bag you choose adds to the customer experience because it makes it easy to carry their items. Also, when others see the logo as the happy customer walks around, others will see it. This builds brand awareness and customer trust because they can see a satisfied customer. It is like having a personal endorsement for your products.

Printed paper bags can also be used as gift bags. All you have to do is to use tissue paper, shred, or filler. You can just add a bow and it is ready for that special person. This creates a nice presentation that will make your business and products stand out. 

Here are a few of the types of businesses that use our bags.

Shopping bags are an essential, and the best part is that we do custom printing. You can make your bags stand out with a custom design that highlights your brand, logo, or a message to your customer. Our team can help you with the design, or you can simply provide us with one that you already have in your files.

Choosing Printed Paper Bags 

Choosing the right paper bag for your products helps to enhance your brand and send a message about the personality of your company. Mid-Atlantic Packaging has a wide selection of patterns, paper finishes, and sizes. Our bags are made to be sturdy and hold up nicely to normal use. They have durable paper handles that are easy to carry.

Here are a few of the paper packaging bag styles that we have in our selection. 

These are only a few of our paper bag styles in our inventory. We offer bundles from 25 to 250 pieces. They ship flat and can be assembled in seconds.

Order Custom Printed Paper Bags 

Mid-Atlantic Packaging offers a large inventory of bulk paper packaging bags and everything else you need. We offer shred, tissue paper, and other fillers. We offer volume discounts, free shipping, and same-day shipping for those who qualify. The biggest challenge might be deciding which pattern and style is right for you. Our experienced staff is ready to help you choose a style that enhances the image you want to convey. When you are ready to place your order, you can contact us for a custom packaging quote and get started.