Shrink Wrap Bags

Shrink wrap bags are an excellent solution for many items from gift baskets to CDs and books. They are made from PVC, and you can use a heat gun for a perfect fit. Mid-Atlantic Packaging has a wide selection of square and dome shrink bags. We carry a wide range of sizes, so you can find something that meets your needs.

How to Use Poly Shrink Bags

Poly shrink wrap gift bags are made from PVC, which makes an affordable and efficient way to package many types of items. They are one of the most popular methods for packaging anything from furniture parts to board games. Our PVC bags are 100 gauge and are durable. They protect the items and allow you to see exactly what is inside. Here are a few uses for shrink wrap bags.

Shrink wrap for gift baskets creates a tight fit, which helps with merchandising and presentation. It also protects the item from moisture, scratches, smudges, and wear from being handled during shipping. All you do is place the items inside, close the end, and use heat to shrink them down to a tight fit. 

Choosing the Right PVC Bags

Our bags are made from PVC, which is durable but should not be used to package food items. When choosing the right size, you first need to determine whether you need a flat or domed bag. Domed bags are typically best for gift baskets. Flat bags work for things like books or clothing.

When measuring for bag size, you need to measure the dimensions of the item. If you are using a flat bag, you should add about 40% to the measurements to account for shrinkage. When using a domed bag, you should account for about 30% shrinkage along the width and about 50% along the length. On average, you should get a bag that is about double the size of the item in all directions.

When you are ready to shrink wrap your item, you place it into the bag or dome. Seal the end with tape. Next, use a heat gun to heat the plastic to make it shrink. Most PVC bags will shrink between 212-280 degrees Fahrenheit (100-138 Celsius). Make sure your heat gun operates within the recommended range. Many hair dryers are limited to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and will not reach the temperatures needed.

Here are a few tips for success.

Order Shrink Wrap Basket Bags

If you need help deciding which size or shape to choose, you can contact our team at Mid-Atlantic Packaging, and we can help you choose the right PVC bags and place an order.