Jewelers Roll Gift Wrap

Sophisticated, High-Quality Jeweler’s Gift Wrap Rolls  

The right gift wrap can make all the difference in making your gift look special. At Mid-Atlantic Packaging, our high-quality jeweler’s gift wrap rolls exude elegance and sophistication for every gift. Our jeweler’s rolls are a great solution because they are designed to be narrow in width (but long in length) for smaller gifts like jewelry boxes, fragrances and cosmetics. Incorporating our jewelry gift wrap into your packaging storefront helps customers create an aura of class and luxury, perfect for weddings, engagement parties, birthdays, and anniversaries. We offer our jewelry wrapping paper in 7 3∕8" x 100 yd. sizing to perfectly accent every gift you package. Choose from our silver or white options to perfectly pair with any color packaging or gift wrap accents. If you have any questions regarding our jewelry box gift wrapping rolls, contact our team today to help you get started.