Shred & Filler

Shredded Filler 

Shredded filler from Mid-Atlantic Packaging give your gift baskets a finished look. Choosing the right shred and filler sets the tone for the rest of the packaging. You can use the filler to set a more formal tone, such as for a wedding gift, or you can use it to create something fun. We have a wide selection of shredded filler, including bulk quantities. 

Types of Shredded Filler 

Shred and filler create a soft bed for your gifts and products. It gives the gift basket height and fills in the gaps. This gives the impression that it is fuller, and looks more professional. You can choose from many types of filler, including wood shred, Mylar blend, parchment, and crinkle cut. We also have eco-friendly, recycled options in a range of colors. Here are a few examples of our shredded gift packaging. 

Another popular option is Jazz Pak shred with a zig-zag cut. This option gives the gift a modern, edgy feel. You can find shred that is perfect for the holidays, such as metallic green for St. Patrick’s Day or mixed crinkle cut shred for birthdays or themed parties. Wood shred is perfect for handmade products and for creating a rustic feel. Parchment shred is a popular and safe choice for gifts for small children.

Choosing the Right Gift Basket Filler 

You have many choices when it comes to shred, and we offer quantities anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds. One of the first questions you might have is how much shred you need. Shred fluffs up, so a little will go a long way. When placing filler in the box or basket, you should fill the basket to the top for small items and ¾ of the way up for larger items.

The best way to calculate how much filler you need is to measure the cubic inches of the box or main part of the basket. To do this, you multiply the length x width x depth or height. On average, you should be able to fill about 500 cubic inches with one pound of crinkle-cut paper. Other fillers will vary slightly, so you might want to contact us to ask any questions you might have. Here are a few ideas for selecting the right filler.

Order Shredded Filler 

Our gift basket filler is available in bulk quantities. We have many choices in color and look. If you need help choosing the right filler contact our team at Mid-Atlantic Packaging, and we will be happy to help.