Pouch Bags

Organza Gift Bags 

Organza gift bags are a perfect solution for gift-giving, organizing, and presenting many types of merchandise. They have a drawstring closure that is secure and creates an attractive finish. Mid-Atlantic Packaging offers sheer organza pouch bags in a range of materials and sizes. You can find styles that range from rustic to formal. 

Using Fabric Bag Packaging 

Fabric gift bags are an excellent way to package small items, wine bottles, and handmade gifts. You can also use them to store jewelry. They will help keep necklaces from becoming tangled, and you can keep rings and earrings from getting lost. Our Paw Print Organza Bags are perfect for displaying homemade dog treats at craft fairs and holiday markets. Sheer organza pouch bags are an excellent choice for small gift bags or to hold dice, coins, or small candies. 

Here are a few more ideas for using fabric bag packaging. 

Wholesale organza bags have many uses, such as holding small items to organize drawers or keeping art supplies organized. We have larger fabric bag packaging that could be used as reusable grocery bags. You can use them as gift packaging, and the recipient can find another use for them around the home when they are finished. Pouch bags are an economical and eco-friendly solution for packaging and organizing. 

Choosing the Perfect Fabric Gift Bag 

We have pouch bags in a range of materials and a wide variety of sizes. We offer all-natural jute bags that have a rustic look. We also have cotton bags that are practical and perfect for stamping, embroidery, or crafts. Our velvet and organza gift bags give your items a luxury look. 

Red Chinese satin pouches are perfect for giving lucky coins and money to celebrate Chinese New Year. Our black and white satin bags have an elegant look. These are also perfect for weddings or holidays. You can find bags to suit your brand or any style. 

Here are a few of what we have in stock.

We have many sizes available, including those that are perfect for items such as earrings or beads. We also have some big enough to serve as gift basket packaging. You can order in packages of 10 for most types. If you would like to have special branding or a message on your pouches, then we can do custom printing.

Ready To Order Custom Fabric Bags and Pouches? 

Mid-Atlantic packaging offers a wide selection of pouch bags for every need. We also carry many other types of packaging. You can find everything you need for gift bags, food packaging, and gift wrapping. Browse our selection and contact us if you have any questions.