Pouch and Pillow Boxes

Box Pouch Packaging 

Box pouch packaging offers an excellent solution for delicate items that need extra protection. The modern design makes an impression of quality for your brand. Pouch packaging boxes are an easy way to carry specialty merchandise. You can use them for anything from specialty foods to gift cards or handmade items. Mid-Atlantic Packaging has a wide selection of sizes and materials that make your brand stand out.

What Is Pillow Bag Packaging? 

Pouch packaging boxes have sides that expand and a handle on top for convenience. They are perfect for clothing items and apparel. You can use them as gift boxes or as a unique way to present your items at the point of sale. Pillow boxes are shaped like pillows with curved ends. They have rigid sides, an elegant shape, and can be easily closed by folding one end. 

Box pouch packaging helps protect fragile or unusual items. Their shape makes them an easy gift-wrapping solution. You can create a beautiful presentation with the addition of only a bow. 

Here are a few ideas for using them.

Pouch packaging boxes are easy to assemble, and you can find a size to match almost any small item you wish to package. They are an excellent idea for retail displays, market and craft show displays, bridal showers, holidays, or any other occasion. They are perfect for items that need protection, such as bakery and food items. You can choose from materials that range from elegant gloss black to rustic Kraft paper. 

Pouch and Pillow Bag Packaging Options 

Mid-Atlantic Packaging offers a wide range of box sizes, and we offer them in four colors. You can choose something neutral or add a pop of color. We have them in:

You can choose pillow boxes in gloss or matte to suit your branding and needs. These boxes are available in quantities of 100 and 250 per bundle. They are easy to assemble and are made from durable materials that will protect the contents. We offer custom printing, so you can place your brand, logo, or a short message on your boxes. They are also excellent for round labels and other specialty packaging options. Pillow and pouch boxes are versatile and a perfect solution for conveying a quality brand image and creating a unique display.

Ready To Order Custom Box Pouch Packaging? 

If you are uncertain which boxes might suit your needs, our team at Mid-Atlantic Packaging can help you explore our wide range of packaging solutions to find the one that will make your brand or gift stand out. 

Mid-Atlantic Packaging also offers a wide range of gift basket supplies, wrapping paper, cello rolls, shred, and filler. When you are ready to receive your custom packaging quote, contact us, and our team will be happy to help.