Custom Packaging Products You Need To Know About

Posted by Julie Rotuno on 20th Jun 2023

Custom Packaging Products You Need To Know About

Being a successful business means you take the time to understand your customers, improve your products, and manage all aspects of making successful sales. However, another important aspect of being a business owner is the packaging you provide to keep your products safe and secure from when they leave your business to when they reach your customers.

Furthermore, the packaging you use for shipping should also look like it’s specifically designed for your products and convey the message of your business. So, here’s what you need to know about using custom packaging products for shipping and tips for choosing the right ones.

What Is Product Packaging?

The concept of product packaging consists of creating, evaluating, and producing a packaging solution for your products. Many businesses, especially online retailers, create unique, exclusive branded packaging for their products to make a delightful experience and increase their profits.

Branded packaging isn’t only about a box or bag looking good but also shows your customer your thoughtful selection of packaging types and shipping materials. Personalized product packaging also offers additional value to your business and customers by thinking of creative ways to promote your products and creating a brand identity. Lastly, packaging that matches your business’ theming and message can make a memorable impact on customers.

Types of Custom Packaging Products

Here are the different types of custom packaging products companies should know about to improve their quality and image. Packaging can enhance your business identity, reputation, and customer retention with just a little care and consideration.

Corrugated Box Packaging

Also known as cardboard boxes, corrugated box packaging is one of the most common forms of transport packaging. Most products shipped in the United States use corrugated boxes and have many variations that offer differing levels of strength and durability.

The differences vary by the flutes, which are the waves found in cardboard materials between the liner boards. The typical rule of thumb is that the larger the flute size, the better cushioning capabilities and improved compression resistance. Furthermore, there are other corrugated boxes with multiple levels of flutes for enhanced strength.

Envelopes and Bags

If you plan to send out more lightweight products, poly mailers and plastic mailing bags, along with corrugated and paper mailers, can provide the necessary packaging without relying on additional supplies. They make for a light, easy-to-store shipping option that self-seals and protects against shipping and handling. Furthermore, you can easily place your logo or slogan with hot stamping for easy recognition.

Padded Mailer Packaging

Padded mailers help deliver smaller, flat items that provide additional protection with bubble wrap or recycled paper. They’re excellent for protecting delicate items such as electronics, jewelry, books, handcrafted goods, and more.

Padded mailers are also an affordable option for sending many products through the post and can offer many different colors and designs. It can help provide the protective packaging you need without additional padding and bulky packaging.

Interior Packaging Products

While packaging should protect the outside, interior packaging can help keep your products cushioned and secure from unexpected movement. There are many internal packaging types, including airbags, Styrofoam, tissue paper, bubble wrap, kraft paper, packing peanuts, and crinkle paper. They can provide your packaging with additional protection to prevent unwanted damage, cracks, and spilling during transit.

Tips for Choosing Custom Packaging

Now that you know more about the various types of custom product packaging you can choose from, here are some tips for selecting the proper packaging for your business. Let’s go over how to choose your packaging style, interior packaging choices, and more for a beautiful yet impactful package for your business.

Choose Your Packaging Style

The style of your custom packaging can go a long way. You want to consider the type of packaging that best suits the products you sell. The last thing you want is to have your products unable to fit in the package or get destroyed along the way. So, taking your product’s measurements like weight, height, width, and other vital specifications can save you from frustrated, stressed customers in the future.

Furthermore, consider the material of your product. Whether it’s sturdy plastic or delicate glass, your packaging should also add a layer of protection during transport. Ensure your product fits properly within its packaging and remains secure throughout shipping and handling.

Packaging Design Considerations

Depending on your business’s product, you want your custom packaging to express your theme and message for an immersive, consistent experience. You want to consider font style, visual elements, wording, and color palette options that create a unique, stand-out package that reflects your business’s specialty.

For instance, if your business specializes in vegan skincare products and health-related items, your packaging should have a similar look and feel. Your packaging could have neutral colors with relaxed, tranquil fonts and wording that conveys your business’ focus on eco-friendliness, cruelty-free production, and quality ingredients to achieve healthy, glowing skin. Create unique yet cohesive packaging, depending on what your business offers.

Consider Your Interior Packaging

While having a proper box, bag, or case to place your product is beneficial, interior packaging is just as important. No matter how durable or delicate your product is, internal packaging can save you considerable stress from refunds or damages. There are many filler and internal packaging types to choose from, including air pillows, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, foam inserts, and more to keep your products snug and secure.

Furthermore, you can take it further and include excelsior wood shavings and crinkle paper for a more eco-friendly, sustainable approach. Customers and businesses have turned their attention toward sustainability, so taking that approach with your company can be incredibly helpful for product preservation, customer retention, and reducing waste.

Double- or Triple-Check Everything

After preparing your packaging, you don’t want to send it off immediately. Instead, focus on double- or triple-checking everything to ensure proper spelling, wrapping, and placement.

You want to ensure everything gets printed correctly, with no misplaced lettering or any minute mistakes left behind. But, on the other hand, the last thing you want is to receive a packaging design that doesn’t meet your expectations or has imperative details missing.

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Custom Packaging Products You Need To Know About