How To Create Memorable Packaging for Seasonal Products

Posted by Julie Rotuno on 1st Aug 2023

How To Create Memorable Packaging for Seasonal Products

Throughout the year, consumers look forward to enjoying seasonal events with their friends and loved ones. However, businesses should offer seasonal-themed packaging and products for gift-giving and celebrations. So here’s how to create memorable packaging for seasonal products.

Is Seasonal Packaging Good for Business?

As the holiday season rolls in, shoppers go for limited edition holiday products, get exclusive deals, and find the latest goods for their friends and family. Therefore, incorporating seasonal packaging into your business can be incredibly beneficial. However, it’s crucial to consider the themes you choose for your packaging and how you desire to create unique, eye-catching designs that represent your business and interest your clientele.

For business-to-business seasonal packaging, focus on a subtler approach, as packaging being too bold or vibrant can feel jarring for some. Furthermore, for customer-facing businesses, choosing seasonal designs that are eye-catching and striking can elevate your customer’s experience and help your business stand out.

Types of Seasonal Packaging

Incorporating seasonal packaging into your business can do wonders for customer experience, bring new faces through the doors, and increase sales. So let’s look at various types of packaging that can benefit your shop.

Printed or Patterned Boxes

Printed or patterned boxes are one of the most popular types of holiday packaging. When using containers, you can choose from many materials, such as paper, plastic, wood, and steel in large or small sizes, and more. However, with the focus on eco-friendliness, cardboard boxes are the most popular, offering various styles and sizes.

There are two custom boxes to choose from: mailers and product boxes. Product boxes are often used for retail shelves, while mailer boxes benefit e-commerce and shipping applications. Custom-printed boxes can look incredibly eye-catching for social media while creating excitement around the holidays.

Seasonal Packaging Shapes

When choosing your seasonal packaging, the package shape can play a significant role in bringing in customers. Many holiday-themed packages, such as Christmas tree-shaped chocolate boxes and ornament-inspired containers, appear throughout the holiday season. When consumers think of the holidays, they think of red, green, silver, and gold packaging that sparkles under the Christmas tree.

Businesses can also benefit from mailer boxes, especially if they offer subscription boxes and themed boxes for e-commerce customers. Incorporating holiday designs into mailer boxes can create excitement around the gift-giving season.

Printed Holiday Bags

Holiday bags and paper bags are favorable options for brick-and-mortar types of shops. Many physical shops incorporate bags into their businesses to make it easier for customers to carry their purchased items, whether walking along a mall or throughout the store. It’s common for printed and paper bags to become overlooked, but they can act as billboards to advertise your business to passersby.

Furthermore, custom mailing bags can come with protective, strong plastic, and biodegradable materials, which can be more eco-friendly packaging. While plastic bags can make for an affordable option, they aren’t entirely effective for standalone shipping. Lastly, when using paper bags for the holiday season, over-the-top designs can result in leftover bags once the season is over.

Tips for Creating Memorable Seasonal Packaging

Let’s cover some tips for creating memorable seasonal packaging for your business and bringing faces into your store. From setting a budget to finding simple designs, you’ll find success and create a holiday spirit.

Consider Your Budget

Creating seasonal packaging involves a well-thought-out and planned budget. The last thing you want to do as a business is to overprepare your packaging designs and end up with an overstock of bags, boxes, and packaging. Instead, focus on what your business needs and how to execute your seasonal packaging.

Consider taking a step back from bold, vibrant designs with an overabundance of packaging materials. Instead, you want to create simple and effective packaging without overspending. If you operate a storefront and an online store, making your packaging the same can help preserve your budget.

Choose Seasons Wisely

The major holidays throughout the year include Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, major events, Valentine’s Day, and more. Choosing the right holidays can make or break your efforts. If you specialize in food and drink products, you can easily adapt packaging to holidays such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and more.

However, health, wellness, and fitness companies may feel more inclined to partake in different holidays. Alternatively, they’ll align more with major sports events, such as the Super Bowl, the Olympics, FIFA, and more. So, depending on what you offer your business, focus on the holidays that stay relevant to your brand.

Keep Designs Simple

When designing your holiday packaging, focusing on creativity and simplicity can boost sales during the holiday season. It’s tempting to take holiday designs to a different level, but you can increase brand value without getting carried away with innovation and creativity. The last thing you want is a cluttered, visually messy package that can overwhelm customers.

Instead, focus on a timeless look and choose two colors to feature on your packaging. You want to create an inviting, relaxing experience with customers, as simple designs can reflect your brand during the holidays. So, enjoy the process of creating your holiday packaging without going overboard.

Benefits of Seasonal Product Packaging

Seasonal packaging has many benefits, including increased sales opportunities and enticing designs. Let’s review how your business can benefit from seasonal packaging.

More Sale Opportunities

Incorporating limited edition seasonal packaging with your products can make customers more inclined to purchase your products. Specific holidays are well-regarded for creating high profits for many businesses, especially Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Day, and Easter. As a result, adding holiday packaging can do wonders for your business profits.

Creates Visual Aesthetics

Humans are naturally visual beings; their eyes gravitate toward interesting, aesthetically pleasing designs. Therefore, many other products and packages can get passed over instead.

Furthermore, this is especially important during the holiday season, as it’s the perfect opportunity to stretch your creativity and produce beautiful, eye-catching packaging. When using holiday packaging in your storefront or your e-commerce site, customers will naturally feel more inclined to purchase your products.

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How To Create Memorable Packaging for Seasonal Products