Glue Dots, Sticker Doos & Ties

Glue Dots for Packaging and Adhesive Supplies

At Mid-Atlantic Packaging, we provide glue dots for packaging and other adhesive supplies. Our glue sticker adhesives offer an incredibly high hold that will adhere flawlessly to any surface. We carry our StickerDoo adhesives in a 1” x 1.26” size and in a 500-count roll for creating the perfect adhesive bond. We also provide 1/2” x 1/2” mini StickerDoos in a 1,000-count roll for precise adhesive application. Our signature glue dots offer a ready-to-stick adhesive dot with double-sided application as a safe alternative to liquid glues, tapes, and hot-melt glue guns. If you wish to know more about our glue dots for packaging and our other adhesive supplies, contact us today.